Thursday, February 16, 2017

So What Makes Someone an Expert?

What do we mean by "expert"? Here are the criteria I have decided to use. For me, an expert is someone who:
  • Has long, deep, provable, hands-on experience. Sure, someone just out of school or recently credentialed might be very good, but I want to see proof. Lots of it, and I want it all related to what they are selling.
  • Has a track record of success with solid testimonials from people similar to me. I want to know what my peers and colleagues think of their work.
  • Is a player in a big pond. Many faux experts are big fish in very tiny ponds. I want to work with someone who has what it takes to compete and succeed in a large pond.
  • Has a robust, relevant social media presence, especially on LinkedIn. For business, LinkedIn is the big pond. Faux experts tend to avoid LinkedIn because they know they can't compete in that league.
  • Has a website and blog that are credible and consistent with who they say they are and that are kept current and updated regularly. A sad, old website or blog that hasn't been updated since it went live is, to me, the mark of a faux expert.
I will probably add to my criteria as time goes on. I would like to know your ideas, what you do to vet "experts," and what has been your experience with faux experts. Please share!
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