Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Repurpose What You Know for Passive Income

Your expertise is a valuable source for creating income. Here are three ways to turn your knowledge into income.
  • Create a workshop. Choose a topic you know a lot about and build a workshop. You can use your workshop to market your services and products, deliver it to associations and groups, or expand it into a paid half-day workshop for organizations. Check out my blog post Creating Workshops for Adult Learners for more information.
  • Create information products. An information product could be an e-book, special report, When you write an information product, customers and potential customers view you as an expert on that topic. You have information they need to meet a challenge in their lives or businesses. Give your audience information they cannot get anywhere else and firmly establish yourself as the go-to expert for your subject. See my blog post Create Passive Income for additional information. 
  • Create an e-newsletter. As a communications consultant, I often have private clients come to me wanting to do an e-newsletter. You can give away your newsletter to existing and potential clients or offer it as a subscription. This works especially well if you already have a reputation as an expert and can offer unique information that can be found only in your newsletter. You can sell your information products in many venues—on your website, in your blog and newsletter, in virtual marketplaces such as and others. Create an entire package of information products and bundle them for additional income. See my blog post Planning an E-newsletter
Your knowledge and expertise are commodities that can be repurposed into digital, downloadable, information products that you can sell. You can start with the content you have already created in the form of articles, tips sheets, blog posts, and so on.

My new e-book Quick Guide for Creating Passive Income gives you a head start. It answers your questions about passive income products, explains how to repurpose your existing content, and describes easy-to-create products, including articles, e-books, webinars, and more.Get your free copy in the Successful Professional Library.

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