Thursday, July 7, 2016

Create Passive Income with Digital Information Products

Create digital, downloadable products that give you passive income and greater personal freedom both now and for the future.

Whichever digital product you choose to create, having an entire line of related products can help you:

Leverage your knowledge and expertise to increase your earning power.
Boost your selling power and expand your reach.
Create entire a powerful, profitable, online business.

     You can sell your information products in many venues—on your website, in your blog and newsletter, in virtual marketplaces such as Amazon Kindle, E-junkie, Gumroad, and Sellfy, among others. Create an entire line of information products and bundle them for additional income.

You can use information products to:
  •       Supplement income from your job.
  •       Add to retirement income.
  •       Create a full-time business.

    When you write an information product, customers and potential customers view you as an expert on that topic. You have information they need to meet a challenge in their lives or businesses. Give your audience information and solutions they cannot get anywhere else and firmly establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

    You can also offer information products as free opt-ins in order to capture visitors’ email addresses. The more you grow your contact list, the more you grow your business. Each contact you make is a potential customer for your products and services. Offer your information product on your website, in your blog and newsletter, as part of your email signature, and on your social media sites.

Turn Your Blog Posts and Other Content into a 
Revenue Generating E-book
in Just Four Weeks!

The E-book Builder Program is a one-on-one, 4-week program where you work directly with me to create a 20+ page e-book that you can:

  •     Sell for additional revenue
  •     Use as a free opt-in
  •     Bundle with other products for a higher value package
  •     Use as a workbook for a webinar or workshop
But there's more--You will also get personalizedone-on-one guidance and editorial support to create a sales page and social media campaign. Plus--You get tip sheets and special reports to help you will every step of the process. And--You will get access to recordings of our one-on-one calls, so you can listen to them at any time when you need a refresher. 
After you complete the E-book Builder Program, you will know how to create any number of e-books on your own.

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