Thursday, February 4, 2016

Leverage Your E-book for More Bottom-line Results

Once you have completed an e-book, you need to get the word out. Create updates for all your social media sites. Announce the publication of your e-book and include some valuable information from the e-book so that people want more, link to the page where people can get it.

After your e-book has been published, you can leverage it by repurposing it. You can create:
·      Articles around the topic, publish them on your website, or send them to print and online magazines, and link to the page for your e-book
·      A webinar and build a PowerPoint presentation around your e-book 
·      A workshop, using your e-book as a workbook for participants
·      Podcasts about your topic to market your e-book
·      A version of your e-book for another audience. For example, if you are a coach for businesswomen and have created an e-book on Top 10 Success Strategies for the Busy Businesswoman, you could repurpose that for moms as Top 10 Success Strategies for the Busy Mom-preneurs. You would have to make only minor changes to the content for this new audience.

Need help repurposing your information products? Not sure what types of information products you can create? Check out my Information Product Wheel to find out. 

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