Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Target Content to Customers

Compelling content, embedded commands, asking questionsToday's blog gives you three tips and tools to target your content to your customer.

Create Compelling Content
When content  is compelling, it persuades readers to take action. That's the goal of customer communications--get the customer to buy the product or service. How do you make content compelling? Find out here! 
Target Communication to the Customer
When interacting with your customers, your primary goal should be to discover what it is that will motivate them to choose your product or service. While it may be tempting to dominate the conversation while describing the benefits of choosing your business, it is much more beneficial to get your customer talking. Here, are some of the best ways to use questions to encourage your customer’s involvement so that you can adjust your strategy to target their specific needs. Here's how!

Get Customers in the Mood to Say, “Yes!” to Your Products and Services
Embedded commands are an effective marketing tool that can be used to tap into your audience’s subconscious and subtly guide them into making a decision or taking action. When used effectively, these commands can influence a person’s behavior without them ever feeling as if they have been manipulated. By simply choosing your commands and including them in a basic sentence or question, you can generate emotion within your audience that will lead them in the direction you choose. If you are looking for new ways to reach your marketing goals, here are a few ways to use embedded commands that will always lead to a yes from your target audience.

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