Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Plugging into a Network Is Good Business--Check out the I/E Advantage!

How can building a network of contacts help you connect with the resources yo need? Essentially, if you help people when they need assistance, people will help you, too. In addition, if you take time to build and nurture relationships with the people around you, youll build a network of allies who can help assign you to interesting, significant, or eye-catching projects that may otherwise go to someone else. They may also recommend you to other departments, which can open up opportunities that may not have been available to you without their recommendations.

Build a network of allies within your department and with other departments. Try to be assigned to teams that involve a wide variety of people. This can help you build your reputation and make important friendships. Build your network outside of the office, too, by joining professional organizations and networks, and through social networking sites.

As a die-hard introvert, networking is hard for me. I hate walking into a room where I don't know anyone and dread being cornered by a rabid extrovert who is just looking for live bodies to pitch to. If you're like me, or if you are an extrovert who turns off all those potential introvert clients, check out Kimberly Reyes new Facebook page The I/E Advantage.  

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