Thursday, November 12, 2015

Repurpose Your Blog Posts into Profitable Products

Have you been blogging for a while? If so, you are sitting on a gold mine!

Here's a quick and easy way to turn those posts into profitable products.

Start with an e-book.

  1. Go through your blog topics and choose 35 to 50 posts on a single subject. If you don't have the number of posts needed, become more strategic about blogging and plan to create the posts you need to do this easily.
  2. Copy them into a Word document.
  3. Organize the posts into a logical flow, so each post fits with the one before it and leads to the one after it. You may have to add additional, original posts to ensure everything flows and fits together.
  4. Insert hyperlinks to other complementary posts and to services and products on your website. 
  5. Choose a title. You might want to check Google Adwords to look for keywords for the title. Check to ensure you are not violating trademarks with your title by doing a Google search of the title to see what comes up. 
  6. Create a title page with a strong image and graphic elements. Make sure you have commercial rights to the image since you are going to sell the e-book. 
  7. Add the copyright page. No need to actually complete the copyright process; your recourse is somewhat limited without the actual filing, but protections still exist.
  8. Add a table of contents. You can do this in Word.
  9. Add an image to each post. Again, make sure you have commercial rights.
  10. Add a bio page with contact information and links to your social media profiles and a sales page that links to your other products and services. 
  11. Update the e-book sales page as new products/services are added.
  12. Have the e-book proofread for errors. 
  13. Create a PDF of the e-book. Make sure all hyperlinks work and take people to the correct pages.
  14. Create a sales page with a Buy Now! button. 
  15. Market your e-book on social media, put buttons on appropriate pages of your website, add a link to the e-book sales page to existing products and to related, published blog posts, and send e-mail announcements to your list.

Need help with creating a blogging plan to repurpose your posts? Check out my VIP Product Development Program and Personalized Blueprint and my Blog4Business Program for more information.

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