Monday, November 16, 2015

Post for the Holidays

When planning your blog posting calendar, take the seasons into account. Right now we're headed into the winter holidays, so here are some ideas you can adapt to fit your professional expertise.

What unique, valuable information can you post about on these topics?

  • Holiday Family Get-togethers
    • Nutritionist: Healthy Appetizers Everyone Will Love
    • Fitness coach: Easy Fitness Routines to Fit a Hectic Schedule
    • Business coach: Keep Your Business Goals on Track during the Holidays
    • Relationship coach: Introducing Your New Love to the Family
    • Therapist: Handling Holiday Tensions in the Family 
What's your idea?
  • Holiday Travel
    • Nutritionist: Healthy Packable Snacks for Road Warriors
    • Fitness coach: Adapt Your Fitness Routine for the Road
    • Business coach: Take Time Off Without Losing Momentum
    • Relationship coach: Are You Travel Compatible?
    • Therapist: Stress Busting Tips for Holiday Travelers
What's your idea?

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