Monday, November 9, 2015

Create Compelling Copy (updated)

When copy is compelling, it persuades readers to take action. That's the goal of customer communications--get the customer to buy the product or service. How do you make copy compelling?

Appeal to the reader's self-interest. We all know about WIIFM--what's in it for me--from the reader's perspective. This requires you to get inside the reader. What is his/her pain? What does the reader gain from your product or service that alleviates that pain? This is a negative approach.

For example, aspirin relieves headaches and takes away pain. It also is used for heart health--a gain,  positive. If you focus only on the pain, you only compel people with a headache. If you focus on both pain and gain, you compel a much larger audience.

Compelling copy gives readers both relief from some pain they are suffering and a gain that they want. Don't just take away the stick; make sure you also give them the carrot!

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