Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blog Regularly and Often for Business Success

Building a list of followers and fans is one of the more important reasons to blog frequently and regularly. This sounds harder than it is.

  • Set aside time on your calendar each week to focus on creating blog posts. Honor this time as if it was an appointment with a client.
  • Choose topics that have have "legs." This means that you can create many posts around this topic.
  • Build up a backlog of posts and schedule them to run into the future. If something happens that prevents you from blogging for a while, your followers will continue to experience your posts.
If you stop blogging and posting for a lengthy period of time, it can be hard to regain momentum and your followers. It's like starting from scratch. I know. I stopped blogging earlier this year when a family situation derailed me. I lost momentum when my pre-written, scheduled posts ran out. So keep moving forward and putting posts into the pipeline.

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