Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Blog by Any Other Name

What is a blog?

A blog is a combination of the words web and log. It is a series or compilation of written, dated entires, like a ship's log.

What is a v-blog?

A v-blog is a video blog. Usually v-bloggers film themselves and post the video to a blogging host site and/or their website.

What is a microblog?

A microblog is a collection of very short written or recorded posts similar to Twitter. It is also called nanoblogging.

Is a podcast a blog?

Podcasting is considered a blog. A podcast is a audio version of a blog. Many podcasts also provide listeners with a transcript of the podcast.

What is a photo blog?

A photo blog is an arrangement of photos in a sequence that tells a story. It's like a picture book for adults. Pinterest is a good example of how images can take the place of words.

Which is best?

They all serve a valuable purpose for your business.

A traditional blog lets you gain followers and encourage engagement with readers. Because there is no limit to how long a blog post can be, you can strategically plan your posts to link to each other and to services and products on your website. You can also create a series of posts that can be repurposed into entire lines of products.

A v-blog gets you up close and personal with your visitors. It allows them to get to know you as a person, not just words on a page. Make sure your video production is professional.

Microblogs are very popular and are easy to produce and post. It does that some skill to share valuable information in just 140 characters or about one sentence. However, microblogs can gain followers very quickly and are shared more often than traditional blogs.

A podcast is a popular type of blog and auditory people prefer it. Podcasts can be uploaded and subscribed through iTunes.

Consider a photo blog to demonstrate your creativity. People love pictures! However, make sure you check rights before you take images from the Internet.

Some people prefer reading, some viewing, some listening. For maximum exposure, do all of them!

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