Monday, July 13, 2015

Stop Complaining, and Start Acting

Lately, I've been around a lot of complainers. They complain about politicians, the weather, people who believe differently from them, and everything else.

It's pretty easy to bitch about something. Anyone can do that.

It's harder to tackle what's bothering you and take action. That's why there are more complainers than doers.

Granted there are some things we can't control like the weather. No one can make it rain or force the sun to come out, so why complain about it? The complaining only makes you more miserable. Like the oft-quoted saying, accept what you can't change. That means stop whining about it!

What if it's something that you can control or change?

Stop complaining and take action! Even a small step will give a greater feeling of control over what's bothering you. Is it easy? Probably not. That's why many people don't take the action. It's hard. It's easier to whine. However, in my book, if you refuse to take action, you can't whine. Nope. I don't want to hear it.

Being a successful professional is to stop complaining and to take action to make things better. That's what managers want; that's what clients want.

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