Monday, July 6, 2015

Make it a Habit to Regularly Polish Your Skills

I'm a pretty good home cook and a huge fan of cooking competitions on t.v. To have the opportunity to watch a professional chef cook is priceless. It's a completely free cooking class, and I often implement a spice, or recipe, or skill picked up from Chopped or Top Chef.

In order to a successful professional, we must make time to keep improving our skills and learning new ones. Whatever your business, the professional bar is constantly being raised as new techniques, new research, and new trends arrive every day. To stay competitive, you have to continue to learn, act on new knowledge, and keep growing.

Each quarter, take at least one workshop or class:

  • In your industry to become exposes to new trends and developments.
  • In a complementary industry. For example, if you are a fitness coach, take a class on jazz or ballet.
  • In an area that is not industry related, but will help you improve your business skills. For example, our fitness coach could take a class on blogging for business or search engine optimization.
Each month, read at least one book related to your industry or business and one book on a related topic.

Each week, read at least 10 blog posts on your industry or business and leave comments to raise your visibility as a professional.

Never stand still! It's death for a success business. When you stand still, someone will always get ahead of you. 

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