Thursday, July 2, 2015

Focus on What’s Most Important

Put more time in your life with focus!
Always focus on the activities that contribute the most to your most important goals and job responsibilities. When you focus on what’s most important and plan your week to support that, you create momentum that propels you forward. You can more easily prioritize what needs to be done, make decisions about what actions to take, and achieve results quicker.
Here’s how you do it:
1.     On Sunday, set aside time to determine the top five activities or action steps that you need to accomplish for the upcoming week. These are the 20-percent activities that will contribute the most to your short- and long-term goals.

2.     Limit your weekly plan to no more than five activities. They are the most important ones and will require the most focus and work to accomplish. Being too ambitious and over-planning can sabotage your efforts.

3.     Rank them from most important to least important.
·       Highest Priority—The top activity
·       Medium Priority—The four other activities in descending order of importance
·       Low Priority—Not on the chart

4.     Copy or print the chart on the next page and fill in your top five priorities every week.

5.     Give yourself time off.

6.     Post the chart in your office or cube where you can see it every day. It will help you prioritize your time, make decisions, and ensure that your most important business goals are met that week.

7.     During the course of the week, if you complete an activity, the remaining activities move toward the top position and the next most important activity is added in the fifth position.

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