Thursday, June 4, 2015

Repurposing E-Books for Maximum Leverage

After you create an e-book, don't stop there! You can turn that one e-book into an entire line of products. Here's how I do it for my clients:
  • Write articles about the topic, publish them on your website, or send them to print and online magazines, and link to the page for your e-book. Let's say you're an image consultant, and you have an e-book on dressing for a job interview. You can write articles on what not to wear, how to use accessories, and how to get tailoring.
  • Create a webinar and build a PowerPoint presentation around your e-book (I have a webinar and e-book package Writing and Managing Email).
  • Put together a workshop, using your e-book as a workbook for participants.
  • Do podcasts or videos to sell with your e-book as a package. 
  • Revise your e-book for another audience. In our example example, our image consultant could repurpose her e-book as dressing for the top job, dressing for board presentations, and so on. You need only minor changes to the content for the new audience.

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