Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Creating Workshops for Adult Learners

Workshops can be highly lucrative information products, especially if you market them to organizations. When planning a workshop, keep adult learning styles in mind. Adults need experiential learning opportunities, so here's  how I put together workshops for myself and my clients:

I organize my content in 30-minute modules or segments with 15 minutes of lecture and group discussion,  ten minutes devoted to an exercise that allows participants to experience the material themselves, and a five-minute debrief.

For example, I have a workshop on getting organized. I have a 15-minute lecture/discussion about obstacles to getting organized. Then I have participants spend a few minutes jotting down their personal obstacles, and I break them into groups or partner them and have them work together to brainstorm solutions. I add a five-minute debrief, and one module is completed. For a half-day workshop, I need six to seven modules.

Please share how you organize your content for workshops, or contact me at if you need help creating workshops or materials.

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