Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick Creativity Boosters

Quick Creativity Boosters When You Are Out of Ideas
Patricia Haddock creates gold mines for entrepreneurs#Creative thinking is not something you can force on demand, or is it? Everyday situations sometimes call for outside-the-box thinking, which can be simultaneously elevating, invigorating, and frustrating. Whether you need to find creative ways to market a new product or serve leftovers for the fourth day in a row, there are simple solutions to boosting creativity when you need it.

Take a Deep Breath
#Stress is a creativity killer. It is vital to relax and take a breath before tackling a problem that requires imagination.

Tune into a Little Mozart
Music--especially classical music--is a often a good distraction that can also serve as inspiration.

Consult a Colleague
Great minds think alike. However, truly great minds can bounce ideas off of each other until the best solution presents itself. Your creativity can even be enhanced simply by having another set of eyes and ears to look at the situation and listen to your ideas. As you share, you may find your own creativity booster from within.

Go Crazy
Whether brainstorming with a group or going solo, a great way to get the creative ball rolling is to look for the most outlandish idea possible. It is much easier to whittle away a big idea than it is to add to small one.

Lists, Lists, and More Lists
If creativity just won't come, break down the issue into subsets of lists. This works surprisingly well in almost every situation. Make a list of the most important aspects of the issue, list the more mundane solutions that you or others have suggested, list alternatives to the problem at hand, list outlandish ideas. A real idea or solution often can be found among those that seem the craziest! Lists may not make you more creative, but they can help you tackle the situation more easily, which can then lead to less stress and anxiety.

Seek Inspiration
Only you know what inspires you. Maybe it's a poem, a walk through a park, or an excellent piece of apple pie. Immerse yourself in what opens your mind. Alternatively, consider trying something completely new to boost your creative thinking. Do you normally listen to classical music? Pull out some zydeco.

Step Away from the Problem
Sometimes the best solution is an anti-solution. Clear your mind, think of something else, or physically walk away from the issue at hand. Focusing too much on any one idea can be detrimental to creative thinking. If all else fails, give yourself a breather. Garden, take a long bath, walk on the beach, just get away and unplug for a while. Bring a notebook with you since your best ideas can come to you when you least expect it.

Where do you get your best ideas?
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