Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Graciously Handle a Disgruntled Customer

Patricia Haddock delivers customer CARE workshopsOccasionally, you or one of your employees will be confronted by an unhappy client or customer. It is never easy, but there are certain ways to handle the situation correctly. 
  • Focus  on the client and listen attentively. 
  • Allow the person to vent without interruption.
  • Stay calm and objective. 
  • After the client is finished,  repeat what you heard was the customer's concerns. 
  • Remain empathetic and apologize if a mistake was made.
  • Offer a solution or options and encourage the customer to offer his or her own solution.
  • Take immediate action to implement the solution.
  • Follow-up after the problem is resolved.
Delivering customer CARE is everyone's job, but it is especially important when dealing with a disgruntled or unhappy customer. 

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