Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Down with To-Do Lists!

To-do lists never get to done! They become shopping lists of “someday-I’ll-get-to-it” miscellaneous stuff. Instead of a to-do list, use a Task List, which is a tool to help you stay on track as things come up and ensure these things are handled when you finish your most important activities for the day. You can also use it to prioritize tasks. Here’s how a Task List works.

How to put more time in your lifeLet’s say you are working on your business and remember that you need to make dental appointments for the family. Capture that on your Task List and keep working. Or maybe when you are checking e-mail, you find a request to speak at a local event. If this supports one of your business marketing goals, schedule it on your calendar. On the other hand, if it doesn’t support your goals, jot a reminder on your Task List. 

When you have an open time on your schedule for the day, work on the items on your Task List.  

Complete a new Task List each day and transfer over any tasks that weren’t completed, but need to be addressed.

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