Thursday, May 21, 2015

Build Visibility with Your Blog

This blog has gotten more than 90,000 page views, and it takes me less than two hours a week to update it. I'm known as an expert at blogging, and I ghost blog for several clients. Here are common blogging questions and some answers to help you gain more visibility for your blog and turn it into a marketing machine.

What do I blog about?
Patricia Haddock strategic blog marketing consultant
This is the wrong question! The right question is, "What do my customers want to know?" The answer to this question gives you lots of topics to write about. For example, take a fitness coach. Her clients want to know:

  1. How can I fit exercise into a busy schedule?
  1. How can I make fitness a habit?
  1. How can I take off the last 10 pounds?
  1. How can I exercise with a bad knee (hip, back, neck, and so on)?

Right here our fitness coach has four blog topics. 

How do I find time to blog?
Easy. You make an appointment with yourself to produce four 300- to 400-word blog posts each week. Plus, I post a weekly blog on LinkedIn.I set aside two hours on my calendar, usually on the weekend, to write and schedule my blogs to post. Since I blog four times a week and reprise an older, popular blog on Friday, I'm set. I use Hootsuite to feed the posts into my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. 

Why should I blog?
Blogging is one of the most important, cost-effective marketing tools you have. It is the window to your business. See my blog post Blogging Drives Bottom-line Results for more information on this.

Additionally, according to, businesses that blog get 55% more traffic

What if I can't write?
You can hire a ghost blogger to write your blogs. You can go cheap and hire someone who charges a few dollars for a one-off blog post that probably will not lead to business. Generally, you give them a topic and turn them lose. You may or may not get something usable. Either way, you won't get a blog you can use for marketing unless you have a solid blog marketing plan to work from. For a blog to be successful as a marketing machine, it must be strategic and integrate with everything else. 

What is strategic, integrated blog marketing?

Strategic blog marketing is blogging with a plan and a purpose--every post is designed to link to at least one other post and to a product or service on your website. Yes, a strategic blogging consultant is more expensive; you'll pay a lot more than $5 for a blog, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for!

Blogging is one of the most important, cost-effective marketing activities you can do to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. For it to work, it must be strategic and link to everything else you do. Check out my Strategic Blog Marketing Program to discover how to turn your blogging into business. 

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