Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stand Out from Your Competition with Your Blog

Quick tips to stand out from the competition with your blog:

  • Showcase your expertise by sharing your unique approach for working with clients.
  • Provide solutions to problems that your clients and potential clients have. 
  • Describe a case study to demonstrate how you work with people to achieve results. 
  • Include a few DIY tips so people want to share the post with others.
  • Drop in a free offer that links to a page on your website. 
Even if you have been blogging for a while, taking time to approach it more strategically can make it—and your business—more successful. See my blog post Your Blog Needs a Strategy to Succeed.
Use your blog to show, not tell, and win over customers.

Need help blogging for business? I offer a one-hour consultation to evaluate your blog and give you recommendations on how you can use it to drive bottom-line results. Visit me at One-Hour Consultation.

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