Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Four Keys to Getting Results with Content Creation

Do you sometimes feel that you are creating tons of content and no one is paying attention? You blog, you have a great website that you update regularly, you have e-books and MP3s and opt ins everywhere, and the results are less than stellar?

It might be that you need a better strategy. (Check out All Your Content Must Fit the Picture of Your Business.

A content strategy is a plan for using content to achieve specific results.There are four keys to a successful content strategy:

  1. Choose a topic that resonates with you, interests you, and represents your brand. Avoid jumping around from topic to topic if you want to become known for an expertise. Choose a brand big enough to encompass your many interests. My brand is The Successful Professional--Achieving bottom-line results. This is big enough to hold my interests and my two very disparate customer bases. 
  2. Set a goal, for example, gain visibility as a thought leader or expand your contacts or showcase your expertise. The goal helps determine the most appropriate media to use. If you want to showcase your expertise, writing a well-researched white paper that explores an issue your customers care about and making meaningful contributions to discussions from other thought leaders would be strategic while writing an e-book or creating a webinar might not. On the other hand, an e-book or webinar would work well to expand your contacts.
  3. Target your audience. Your content will more effective when it is tightly focused on your audience. What does your audience need and want from you on this topic? How much do they already know? How much background and explanation do they need? The more you target your audience for the content, the more likely it will reach them.
  4. Choose more than one medium. As you can see in the graphic, there are many media to use to deliver content. The more media you use, the more people you will reach. The white paper can be rewritten as articles for magazines and journals, broken into a series of blog posts, form the basis of a lengthy e-book or reformatted into a webinar or workshop. Use a content calendar that will help you keep track of all your content and make it easier to repurpose it in different media. You can get an Inbound Content Calendar by sending me an email at
More on how to repurpose in another post.

Even if you have been blogging for a while, taking time to approach it more strategically can make it—and your business—more successful. See my blog post Your Blog Needs a Strategy to Succeed.

Need help blogging for business? I offer a one-hour consultation to evaluate your blog and give you recommendations on how you can use it to drive bottom-line results. Visit me at One-Hour Consultation.

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