Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blog-Writing System that Works!

In yesterday's post, I recommended posting four times a week, and you probably wondered where you can find the time to do this. I use a system that I put in place a few years ago, and it works great.

I decide what topics I want to write about for the coming month. Once each week, I take the list and compose a week's worth of posts in one session. Sometimes I need to do some research, so I do that ahead of writing time. 

By doing four posts at a time, you build momentum, and it is easier to create linkages from one post to another, which increases your SEO ranking. (See my post Keywords Open the Door to Business.) If you can't write four posts a week, use the system for however many you do want to write. The most important thing is to post at least weekly.

Make sure your blog either is on your website or feeds into it. Use a website like to schedule social media updates to push your blog out. More about social media in a later post. 

Even if you have been blogging for a while, taking time to approach it more strategically can make it—and your business—more successful. (See my blog post Your Blog Needs a Strategy to Succeed.)

Need help blogging for business? I offer a one-hour consultation to evaluate your blog and give you recommendations on how you can use it to drive bottom-line results. Visit me at One-Hour Consultation.

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