Monday, April 6, 2015

A Secret to Hiring the Right Person to Make Your Life Easier and Get Your Job Done by Linda Hardenstein

Have you ever hired someone then found it to be like pulling teeth to get them to deliver? When I recently hired a web designer I discovered I had been leaving out a very important question that could have saved lots of time, effort and grief.  Unearthing this hiring secret has made all the difference for me in finding the right person to make my life easier.  I hope it makes a difference for you too.       

You know how web designers offer to redo your website? They provide free evaluations, give feedback, make suggestions, and submit fantastic proposals. Based on my experience, once they are hired they go for it, but when a change is needed here or there the “teeth pulling” begins.  

I have heard,  “Don’t you think it’s ok the way it is?” and “You can do it yourself; I’ll send you a video.”  (Uh, no, that’s why I hired you.) Sometimes I would ask for a change and get no response at all.  You know, the passive aggressive routine requiring numerous emails and follow up calls only to see the changes half-heartedly made.

Imagine my shock and excitement when I found someone who told me she not only loves designing websites, but she loves making improvements to enhance the customer experience.  She said if I needed help after she completed the design, she’d be available for continuing support. I almost fell off my chair!  

This is the kind of professional I like working with! When my previous designer asked why I was transferring the site, I responded,  “I found someone who actually LIKES to design, improve, and support websites.” He just laughed. 

To me, customer service is no laughing matter. The way you serve people drives your reputation, referrals, repeat business, profits, and your success.
As a career expert, I know your passion for what you do makes a difference whether you are an entrepreneur, service provider, or corporate professional. It is reflected in how happy you are, how willing you are to go the extra mile, how engaged you are, and how proud and successful you are in your work--and it is reflected in the product you deliver.  

That’s why now, before hiring anyone, I ask a very important question:  “Do you love what you do?” I know the answer will give me a good indication of the quality, satisfaction and level of customer service I can expect.  

Linda Hardenstein is a Professional Certified Coach and Career Strategist who guides professionals to go from surviving to thriving at work by finding their “right fit” career and a job that they’ll love.  You can reach her at:   

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