Monday, March 9, 2015

Keywords Open the Door to Business

Blogging helps create an online space for your business and is a great way to reach customers, but in order to compete with the best, you need to be the best. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your business’s blog is important for ranking well in search engines and getting your great content in front of readers. When your website or blog appears on the first page of search results for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, it will generate tons of traffic and activity. If you are new to blogging or to SEO, here are some excellent beginner’s tips on the ABC’s of SEO.

Tip #1- Choose a Title Wisely
A very important factor of SEO is the page title. When a reader looks at the title of your page in the search engine results, they should be able to determine what type of content will be on the page and whether or not it is something they want to read. You should also remember that the title of your blog post should also appear in the URL address, so it should be simple, straight to the point, and include a keyword or two. If your blog template assigns generic numbers or letters for the URL, for example:!success-strategies/c18lj changes to Free Success Strategies

Tip #2- Content is King
For many years, people would create website pages and blog posts stuffed with keywords and phrases because that was the main factor for ranking high in search results. Because of this, the internet was flooded with useless pages that contained nothing but keywords and lacked interesting or relevant content. Since then, the major search engines have adjusted their algorithms, and now content is king.
Blog posts and webpages should be filled with useful, original, and fresh information that readers will enjoy reading. You should write to entertain and inform readers and skip trying to stuff all types of keywords into posts in an attempt to have it rank better. Search engines, especially Google, now penalize websites that contain pages that simply try to “keyword-stuff” posts and articles.

Tip #3- Add Images & Image ALT Tags

When an article or blog post contains relevant images, not only does it become more visually appealing to readers, it can help improve your SEO. Tons of image searches are performed daily, and when you add an image to your post with an ALT tag, it will get indexed into search engines. The key to this is to remember to add an ALT tag to each image you use. An ALT tag is essentially an alternative description for your picture and should include a keyword or two relevant to your post. These ALT tags get crawled by search engine spiders and will determine how your images get indexed.

Tip #4- Interlink to Other Pages in Your Blog
Business owners can become so obsessed with trying to get backlinks from other quality websites that they forget one of the most important and basic steps of SEO: interlinking pages on their own website. While building quality backlinks is definitely important to a good SEO strategy, you shouldn’t forget to link to other posts or articles in your own site. When you select keywords from one of your posts and link it to another relevant post in your own blog, you are able to increase page views for both posts AND you are helping search engine spiders travel deeper into your blog and website. This is great for SEO purposes and should not be forgotten in the midst of your backlink building.

SEO can seem confusing since there are a lot of factors that go into it; however, even entrepreneurs who are new to blogging can follow these simple tips to help maximize their search engine optimization efforts. 
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