Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Three Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Getting traffic to your blog can be challenging unless you are strategic.  Here are three social media strategies that can boost your traffic.

1.      Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a tool that let's you automatically push your posts out to the social media sites you specify. A basic version is free and ensures that you hit the major social media sites--Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter--when you publish a new post.

2.      Stumble Upon
If you are serious about blogging, marketing and promoting your posts should be one of your primary goals. Stumble Upon helps promote your blog posts and connect with other bloggers.

3.      Network
In the blog world, this has a number of meanings. One way that you can network is by joining a blogger forum where you can meet and interact with other bloggers. There are opportunities to share and cross-promote your blog. You can also network by getting experts to become guest bloggers and offering to be a guest blogger for them. In this way, you each reach a whole new audience.
Be strategic when blogging and look for more ways to increase traffic.

If you are investing your time in blogging, do it to the best of your ability. There is no more important marketing activity for your business! Check out this blog post for information you can use.

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