Thursday, December 18, 2014

One of the best ways to market your business is by creating information products. As an expert in your field, you have knowledge people want. You can package some of that knowledge as eBooks, mp3 downloads, home study programs, teleclasses, YouTube videos or other products that you can offer free of charge or for a fee.

Information products help you leverage your marketing efforts because once a product is created, you can use it many times and create variations of that product easily. For example, if you write an eBook, you can take that same information, create an mp3 audio and bundle both into a higher value package. You can then turn them into a webinar or series of webinars.

Here are some information products you can create to market your business:

Special Reports. Write a report on anything that interests your customers and potential customers. For example, 10 Tips to Brand Your Business or Seven Steps to Ace a Job Interview. Special reports showcase your expertise and educate people. (You can get a FREE special report How to Turn Your Passion into Gold on my website.)
 eBooks. Instead of creating a brochure, create an eBook. That’s right. No one keeps a brochure. Most people will keep an eBook. A simple, eight-page eBook can boost your business more than an expensive brochure.
 Podcasts and mp3s. People who are auditory prefer listening to reading. Creating a podcast or downloadable mp3 audio extends your marketing reach to a larger audience. You can record your own information or interview an expert in a complementary area and make your audios available on your website and iTunes.

Don’t stop with these ideas. Brainstorm how you can turn your knowledge into information products to market your business. Need help turning your knowledge and expertise into products that drive business?  Blogging is one of the most important, cost-effective strategic, integrated marketing activities you can do to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. But don't just blog; be strategic and create blog posts that link to your products, services, and other posts. Go one step further and plan your posts to become information products you can sell for current and long-term profits, showcase your expertise, and become more influential. 

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