Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making Money Selling What You Know

Your knowledge and expertise are the basis for information products--from e-books to webinars to workshops to multi-day events--selling what you know is big business!

Information Products Establish and Showcase Your Expertise

When you write an information product, customers and potential customers view you as an expert on that topic. You have information they need to meet a challenge in their lives or businesses. Give your audience information they cannot get anywhere else and firmly establish yourself as the go-to expert for your subject.

Information Products Add Contacts to Your List

You can offer your information product as a free opt-in in order to capture visitors’ email addresses. The more you grow your contact list, the more you grow your business. Each contact you make is a potential customer for your products and services. Offer your information product on your website, in your blog and newsletter, as part of your email signature and on your social media sites.

Information Products Increase Your Income

You can sell your information products in many venues—on your website, in your blog and newsletter, in virtual marketplaces such as and others. Create an entire package of information products and bundle them for additional income. 

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