Thursday, October 9, 2014

Do You Need a Ghost?

You probably have heard about ghostwriters. Ghostwriters create communications that are published over the name of the client. No one knows you hired a ghost to write it for you. Ghostwriters make sense if your writing skills are weak, or you don't have the time to write and edit your own work.

Ghostbloggers write your blog posts for you. Generally, you and your ghost agree to a certain number of posts per month and decide topics. If you have content, you provide it to your ghost; if you do not have content, the ghost will research the topics for you. The ghost writes the posts, you review them and make changes, and then the posts are sent to you or your web manager for uploading.

A good ghostwriter will review your objectives, evaluate your existing content and brand messaging, and suggest blog topics that integrate with everything else. You don't want a ghost blogger who pushes out general content. Your blog is one of your most strategic content tools and must support your business.

A ghostblogger will charge a per-blog or per-month fee or a flat fee for several months of blogs. The cost depends on:
  • The technical complexity of the content
  • The amount and type of original research the ghost must perform
  • Integration with your other content and brand messaging
  • Adding links to other posts and your website
  • Whether it is to be SEO optimized or not
  • Plus, the cost of images 

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