Thursday, September 18, 2014

Motivation Tip #4: Focus on a Reward

I recently asked the members of the LinkedIn group Connect: Professional Women's Network Powered by Citi for tips and tools to kick start your day when you just aren't motivated. This week I will share the most common ideas.

Focus on a Reward 

Sign up for a conference, book a vacation, plan a party--choose something that needs planning.

On days when you just can't work, focus on what you need to do to make the reward happen. What do you need to pack? What do you want to learn at the conference? What excursions will you take on vacation? What menu should you have for the party?

Focusing on something fun for a while can take you away from business and recharge you. Plus, you need to pay for the reward, so get to work!

See my blog post Jump Start Your Motivation for more information.

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