Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Motivation Tip #2: Do the Chores

I recently asked the members of the LinkedIn group Connect: Professional Women's Network Powered by Citi for tips and tools to kick start your day when you just aren't motivated. This week I will share the most common ideas.

Do the Chores

What? Do the chores! 

When you can't get motivated to work on your business, get busy with your chores. Clean the house, clear the clutter, get your tax records in order, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, make appointments, and so on.

Chores are routine; you don't have to think about them, they often involve movement, and you end up feeling as if you have accomplished something. However, if you find you would rather make an appointment for a root canal than face your business, it's time for some heavy thinking about what you really want! 

Check back tomorrow for Tip #3. 

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