Monday, September 15, 2014

Motivation Tip #1: Take a Break

I recently asked the members of the LinkedIn group Connect: Professional Women's Network Powered by Citi for tips and tools to kick start your day when you just aren't motivated. This week I will share the most common ideas.

Take a Break

When you can't get motivated, a change of scene and taking time off might just do the trick. Give yourself a few hours or a day and get away from the business. Take in a movie, meet friends for lunch, shop, hit the gym, tennis court or golf course--do something you enjoy and that is totally unrelated to your business.

Don't feel guilty that you aren't working! That defeats the benefits of taking time off. However, if you find that you are taking more time off than working, it could be time for an analysis of what is going on. You may have lost the vision for your business or your reasons for being in business may have changed. 

Check back tomorrow for Tip #2. 

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