Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Newsletters Mean Business

E-newsletters mean businessDigital newsletters are direct marketing communications that are sent to people who have subscribed to your list. It is a way of staying in front of your subscribers and clients.

The easiest way to produce a newsletter is to use templates and list management services such as and The newsletter links back to your website and/or blog, and updates are posted on your social media sites to let people know a new edition of your newsletter has come out. You can market your information products using your newsletter.

Instead of giving away your newsletter for free, you can monetize it by setting up a paid subscription. Subscription newsletters must provide unique content that people cannot find elsewhere. If you have expertise in an area, and people pay you for advice, they will pay for your newsletter.

You can also monetize your newsletter by making a special offer just for its subscribers, such as a discount for your new e-book, webinar, or tele-class.

Announce your newsletter to your existing clients, offer a sign-up opportunity when you speak, and announce new issues on all your social media sites. Update your social media profiles with information about your newsletter. Again, share a tip or two from the issue that intrigues people, so they want more.

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