Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are You Ready to Take a Bigger Stage?

A few weeks ago, I spoke at BlogHer2014 on repurposing your existing content into a line of products. Before the event, I was hooked up with a professional food blogger, who agreed to be my volunteer for my talk since I wanted to demo the steps with a real, successful blogger.

When I reviewed the blog and her other content, and discovered she had close to 200,000 page views and more tens of thousands of followers, two cookbooks in print, another due out this year, and was under contract to write one more in 2015. Surprisingly, she didn't have an agent. She was definitely ready to take a larger stage, so I gave her the name of #ReeDrummond ( and helped her prepare a pitch letter. A few days ago, my blogger emailed that she had landed that agent--one of the biggest names in the business!

Too often, we are so entrenched in our business that we don't look up and see the broader opportunities out there. My blogger was a big fish in the blog pond, which is huge. She was ready to be a bigger fish in a bigger pond, but couldn't see the opportunity go big, bigger, biggest. 

Are you ready to make the leap into a bigger pond? Look around and see the opportunities you have been overlooking. 

I have more than 20 years of business experience and tap into real-world advice to help you:

  • Attract more clients or customers or your website
  • Increase  your income by creating information products
  • Get more visibility from your blog
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Discover your next steps

Get 60-minutes of consultation time with me via phone to move your business forward, brainstorm solutions, and get answers to your questions.

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