Monday, June 9, 2014

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Spider

Spiders are amazing creatures. While I don't want one taking up residence in my house, I do find spiderwebs fascinating constructions. Not only can they be beautiful pieces of architecture, they can teach us a lot about our businesses.
How to create cross-marketing opportunities on your website and blog

Whenever something touches the web at any part of the web, the web vibrates. The spider immediately knows it has trapped something and scurries over to secure its prey. It can do this because every line of the web is connected to one or more other lines, and the whole web forms a net to catch prey. How does this apply to your business?

Think of your business website as your web. Everything you have and create must link in some way to at least one other part of your business. For example, every blog post should link to a product or service on your website plus at least one other blog post. Products should cross-sell to other products and link back to your posts. Every page of your website should link to another page and, where appropriate, to a blog post. Every entry point to your business needs to lead to something else.

This means that nothing stands alone and everything supports everything else. The more connections you have within and across your business, the more strategically integrated it is, and the stronger it is. When you factor in social media marketing and create linkages back and forth from one medium to another and all linking back to your website, blog, etc., your business becomes even more powerful for attracting and capturing the customers you need.

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