Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are You a Renaissance Entrepreneur?

A few years ago, a bestseller author and colleague I admire told me that if I had concentrated on one niche, I would now be an international star.

I thought about that for a moment and replied,"But I would be bored to death."

This is the boon and bane of being what I call a Renaissance Entrepreneur. I like lots of things and have had clients ranging from international corporations to solopreneurs. My product and service lines are as varied as my client base. This variety has sustained me through the ups and downs of the marketplace as recessions come and go. When one segment is down, another is up. On the other hand, I never know what to say about my business! I have an elevator speech for every occasion and it's never quite right!

I admire someone who can focus on one topic and one niche and stay there, growing ever more successful. That's not for me. One of my highest values is variety. I need change. I need a business where I can change hats many times, leading a corporate workshop, creating a blog marketing strategy for a client, writing website content for another client, building a webinar for my own product lines--all in one day!

Are you a Renaissance entrepreneur? Share your experiences!

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