Monday, May 12, 2014

Quick Energy Boosts for Desk Jockeys

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It is very easy to become overly tired when you are tied to a desk all day. By afternoon, even the act of keeping your eyes open is a feat of strength that many find difficult to accomplish. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to boost energy.

Savor Some Snacks 

A midday snack is often all it takes to get your mind and body back on track. The key to making this work without packing on pounds is choosing the right treat. Avoid foods that are overly salty or sugary. Many vending machine options will give you a quick spike of energy, but will soon leave you feeling more tired than before. Instead, stick to foods that are high in fiber or protein. Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, or a small container of nuts are excellent choices. Even a bag of light popcorn can serve you well. 

Movement and Motion 

Sitting in one place for hours on end is bad for your spirit and your body. If possible, take a two-minute every hour walk or stretch. If this is not possible, use your mid-afternoon break to exercise. You will take in more oxygen, which will leave you more alert and productive than before.

Come Alive with Aromatherapy 

Certain scents are a surefire way to give you energy when you need it. A small aromatherapy diffuser is inexpensive and offers a decorative touch to your work space. Scents that will give you a boost include jasmine, mint, cinnamon, ginger, and lemon. Do you work closely with others who may not enjoy a soft scent in the air? You can get the same affect by wearing a peppermint lotion or sipping on a glass of lemon water.

Practice Preparedness 

Perhaps the easiest way to combat workday fatigue is to prepare yourself around the clock. A solid eight hours of sleep, a nutritious diet, and regular exercise should keep you going strong.

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