Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Create Blog Content that Drives Bottom-Line Results

Turn Your Blog into a Marketing MachineBlogging is one of the most important types of inbound content you can create. Dynamic blog content engages readers, makes them want to get to know you, and encourages them to want to know more about you. All of this is important because your blog is the window to your website; it needs to be appealing and interesting to draw people into your website where they can sample--and buy--your products and services.

As a strategic blog marketing consultant, I tie my client's blog posts to their products and services and recommend that they "tease" the readers into exploring their websites. Here's how I do it:
  1. Choose topics strategically so that they are directly related to your products and services. I love cooking, but I don't write blogs about food or recipes. I don't have food and cooking related products and services. While I would love to have a private chef as a client--perhaps trading services!--writing posts about food is not strategic.
  2. Reinforce your brand message. My message is helping entrepreneurs create strategic content, products, and services that drive bottom-line results and profits. I weave these terms into my posts to create a branded theme. One of my clients, Karen Sladick, uses the term "positively productive" in her blog posts since that is her brand message.
  3. Include at least one call to action--more is better. It can be a link for more information on your website, to a product or service, for a free tip sheet or e-book, or to another post on your blog.  I sometimes offer a free information product to the first five people who comment on a post and give me their email addresses. (Note all the links in this blog post and follow some of them to see examples of what I mean.)
  4. Use your blog to answer questions your clients have. This is a powerful tool that helps you zero in on what they need. By providing valuable answers to their questions, you demonstrate your unique expertise and knowledge. You become a resource they think of when they have additional questions.
  5. Illustrate your posts with stories and strong images. Don't just drop in any graphic element. Choose the image carefully so that it reflects your brand and works with the content and make sure you add a title and ALT text to rank the post higher in search engines. 
Do you have a tip that you use to create blog posts that drive bottom-line results? If so, drop it into a comment and send it to me with a link to your blog. (Extra tip: Create back links!)

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