Thursday, May 22, 2014

Consistency and Credibility Build Long-term Business Success

All your content must integrate and carry a consistent brand message.Congruence is the foundation of credibility, and credibility is the foundation of long-term business relationships. One of the most important things you can do to encourage customers to work with you is to display congruence in all your content. To understand the importance of congruence, think of a jigsaw puzzle. 

Hundreds--or even thousands--of tiny pieces interlock to produce a coherent picture that makes sense and matches the photo on the box cover. But have you ever tried to put together a puzzle when pieces from another puzzle are intermingled? It's frustrating and annoying. You may even give up and try another puzzle.

When your content is congruent, everything integrates with everything else and fits together like a puzzle to make a complete picture. Nothing is out of place or doesn't belong. This means your website content, blog posts, logo, social media updates, marketing materials, products, services, events--everything fits and carries your brand messaging. They build on each other to communicate congruence. 

Incongruence is a common mistake that many business people make without even noticing that they are doing so. Just because a topic interests you, don't write about it unless it fits the overall picture you want to create for your business. 

Before you publish any content about your business – whether on your website, in social media, or on your blog – make sure that the messaging is in sync with everything  else.  This is very important and can help ensure you never have to make embarrassing explanations about something that doesn't fit the picture.

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