Thursday, April 10, 2014

Give People a Reason for Building a Long-Term Relationship with You

Share information and tips in everything you do. In a marketing brochure, you can add a text box of three quick tips to do something. People are less likely to trash a marketing piece that actually has information they want. 

        Create and give away free information products. For example, I have many free resources and tip sheets on my website for both organizations and entrepreneurs.  Plus every quarter, I prepare an information product with tips for my employee development clients to help their employees be more productive, get along better, or be better communicators. I let them distribute it to their staff, put it on their intranet or in the company newsletter. It is free; they value it and think of me when they want training. I stay top-of-mind. 

        Be generous and available. Do not turn on the billing clock to answer every quick question or resent it when someone asks for your advice at a networking meeting. Do not give everything away; just enough to make them want more. I give people a free 20-minute phone consultation. 

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