Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get Noticed by Creating Newsworthy Events

What makes an event newsworthy? How do you create events that will be reported in local or global news or through social networking to attract new clients? Below are six characteristics of newsworthy information. See if you can visualize your next event falling into one or more of these categories.
  • Timeliness--News needs to be current and relevant. Have you won awards recently? Do you have company, product, service, or website launch to announce?
  • Novelty--What can you build into your next event that is unusual or unique? Can you develop a contest with a newsworthy prize?
  • Prominence--Is there a recognizable organization or person that you are working with? Could you feature that person as a guest speaker or present a case study from a client company?
  • Human Interest--Do you have a worthy cause that you support? Could you donate a portion of the proceeds from your event to a charitable organization?
  • Proximity--Does the event include information that will affect the people in your area?
  • Controversial--Maybe not the best approach for your business, but controversy can result in big news stories.

Choose at least one of the categories above and incorporate it into your next event. 

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Dare to dream big and dare to make your dreams come true!

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