Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Open the Door to Business with Strategic Content

Inbound content is free information that you create and publish. If it is topical, interesting, and intriguing, people will share it with their friends, so it can reach a much wider audience than just your own list. By building links into the content, it drives people to your website where they can see what you have to offer, interact with you, and buy your products and services. Inbound content, if well done, brings business in the door.
Where do you start?
Start with blogging. Your blog is the foundation of your inbound content. Everything else is extra. Start blogging at least three times a week--I blog M-T-W-Th--and add lots of links to your other blog posts and to additional content on your website. The goal with blogging is to become a presence, demonstrate your expertise, become known as an expert, and entice people to want to know more--by going deeper into your website. 
Can't blog every day? I create all my blogs in one day and schedule them to appear each day during the coming week. The day after they appear, I use Hootsuite to publish them to social media
Don't know what to write about? What questions do your clients and have customers ask? Use the question for the title, as I did for this blog, and the post itself for the answer. 
Do you need to make an offer? Yes. Just like this: Send me an email with "Punctuation" in the subject line for a copy of my Quick Guide to Punctuation
Patricia Haddock has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations and entrepreneurs drive bottom-line results and profits. She is the author of 11 books and specializes in inbound content strategies and product development for entrepreneurs.  Visit her website for information to help you grow your business and become more profitable. Watch for Entrepreneur Academy with Patricia Haddock coming in 2014.

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