Monday, March 3, 2014

Cut the Fat from Your Writing

People don't want to read a lot, but what can you do when you have a lot to write about?

I have a secret technique I use to ensure that what I write is just the right length and is as concise as I can make it: I cut everything I write by 10%. When I finish editing a draft, I take a word count (it's part of your tools in Word). Then, I go through the draft and cut 10% of that number. So, if a blog post is 450 words, I will cut 45 words.

Here are some common phrases that you can compress into just one word:

Replace:· the reason for
· for the reason that
· owing/due to the fact
· in light of the fact that
· considering the fact
· on the grounds that
· this is why

with: because, since, why

· on the occasion of
· in a situation in which
· under circumstances in which

with: when

Replace:· as regards
· in reference to
· with regard to
· concerning the matter of

with: about


· it is crucial that
· it is necessary that
· it is important that

with: must, should


· is able to
· has the opportunity to
· has the capacity for
· has the ability to

with: can

Replace:· it is possible that
· it could happen that
· the possibility exists for

with: may, might, could

You can find more resources in this blog post: Sharing Writing Resources.

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