Monday, March 17, 2014

Blogging Means Business

I used to hate to blog even though I am a ghost blogger for my clients. My own blogs were infrequent and frankly not very interesting. But because I blog for other people, I have spent a lot of time researching and studying what makes blogs work and what doesn’t. I have since become an avid blogger myself and my blog The Successful Professional with Patricia Haddock is the key inbound content to drive people to my website  

Your blog is the virtual image of your business; it is your business in cyberspace. Blogging may be the only way someone knows you, and it the first introduction they have to your business, so it must authentically represent you and your business.

Dynamic blog content engages readers, makes them want to get to know you, and encourages them to want to know more about you. All of this is important because your blog is the window to your website; it needs to be appealing and interesting to draw people into your website where they can sample--and buy--your products and services.  

As a strategic blogging consultant, I tie my client's blog posts to their products and services and recommend that they "tease" the readers into exploring their websites. 

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