Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Write to Be Read!

Many entrepreneurs spend time and money to produce communications that aren’t read or acted upon. Here are some tips to motivate customers to read what you write.
1.     Focus on what they get when they work with you or buy your products and services. For example, I provide writing and editing services. So do many other people. But when someone works with me, they get customer communications and information products to grow their contact list, showcase their expertise, and increase their income. That’s what I want them to focus on in everything I communicate.
2.     Your USP and VAP statements are features, not benefits. State your USP or VAP and ask “so what?” The “so what” is the benefit. The “so what” is what people gain by hiring you or buying what you offer.
3.     Show people that you can solve their problems. In fiction writing, the rule is “Show, don’t tell.” It applies to business communications, too. Don’t tell people who you can save them money on their taxes. Show them. For example, “When you work with me, we will go over your tax returns for the past five years to find out if you have any overlooked exemptions or deductions. Then we will prepare a tax-savings plan for you going forward, so you never again pay too much in taxes.” That’s showing.

Patricia Haddock delivers bottom-line results for organizations and entrepreneurs by delivering training programs, creating strategic inbound content, and developing profitable product and service packages for her clients. Watch for Entrepreneur Academy coming soon.

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