Monday, February 24, 2014

Jump Start Your Motivation

No matter how much you may love your work, there are just going to be a few days when you would rather drift along than get down to business. However, motivation and productivity not only go hand in hand, but they are both essential for finding success your career. While everyone knows that money is the best motivation, there are several other ways to get your energy up for tackling your to-do list. Here, are some of the best tips for revving up your engine on the days when you would rather coast.

Create a Vision Board
If the monotony of your work is zapping your motivation, try thinking outside of the box while creating a vision board. A vision board is very similar to brainstorming, except you will use images to create a visual representation of your ideas. This can be related to a specific project or it can just be used as overall inspiration. However you use it, just be sure to include plenty of energetic colors and images that get you excited about your work.

Have Lunch with a Colleague
Spending time with others who share the same interests can instantly boost your happiness. To increase the impact of this happiness on your work performance, visit with a colleague who can provide feedback on your projects. Even if you do not talk about work, just enjoying some time visiting with a friend can be enough to get your motivation back up.

Take Time Off
With all of the emphasis on productivity today, many people feel as though skipping their vacation is a badge of honor. Unfortunately, too many long hours can eventually lead to burn out. If it has been some time since you took a day off, then just one day away from the office can make a world of difference. For those who find it impossible to be away for one day, even a couple of hours can provide enough of a break to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to handle your work.

Learn Something New
A lack of motivation is sometimes caused by falling into too much of a routine. Learning something new can help you to break out of that rut so that you can come up with new ways to do your work. Try thinking of things that hinder your productivity, then take a class or watch some online how-to videos that can teach you a new skill to conquer your issue. Additionally, the excitement you feel even if you pursue knowledge outside of your realm of expertise will transfer to your daily career duties.

Spend Time in Nature
Spending time in nature is a well-known method for relaxing while stimulating the mind. To double the motivational boost that spending time in nature can provide, combine a brisk walk with a visit to a park. If you simply cannot get out of the office, then bringing some nature indoors with a potted plant can help you to recharge.

Just Get Started
Sometimes, getting started is all it takes to get your motivation revved up. Try telling yourself that you will do at least ten minutes of work before taking a break. Set a timer if you need to, but chances are that once your ten minutes are up you will be well into your work. Remembering that you can fall into a zone once you get started can help you next time you feel a lack of motivation to push on through and get right to work.

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