Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Does Your Website Deliver Bottom-Line Results and Drive Profits?

Don’t spend money to create a website no one visits or even knows about. So how do you stand apart from the millions of websites and distractions on the Internet? You want visitors to come to your website and come back again to raise your website in search ratings. Market your website as if it was a product, so people can find it and buy what you offer. 
  • Create powerful page titles. Make sure the titles for your pages are rich with the keywords. The title will be the hyperlink on the search engines, so you want it to match the words people are searching for. Make sure these search terms appear first in the title since they are your identity on search engines.
  • Add a keyword-rich abstract of the contents. The abstract is a short sentence or two that describe the contents of the page. Make sure you include lots of the keywords people will be looking for.
  • Include keywords in the first paragraph of your page and in hyperlinks.
  • Put your contact information on every page. Make sure people can contact you no matter where they are on your website.
  • Create listings in directories. If you have a storefront or serve a specific geographic area, remember to list your business in online directories.
  • Drive traffic to your site. Make sure you add a call to action to visit your website in your blog, YouTube videos, articles and so on. Add your website url to your email signature and business cards.
  • Create links to your website. If you comment on other people’s blogs or websites, make sure you link back to your website since incoming links will help you rank higher in search engines.
  • Add your website url to all your social media profiles. 
  • Add new content regularly. Don't let your website home page and landing pages get stale. Frequently add something new and make sure your blog posts feed into your website. I update my website at least weekly by adding new content and links to products. Check it out here.

This is the first of a series of posts on how to use your website for bottom-line results. Check back or more tools and techniques to enhance your website content and attract visitors. 

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