Thursday, February 13, 2014

Article Writing in Five Easy Steps

Do you need an article for a newsletter, magazine or blog post? Here is a quick, easy formula for writing one.

1.  Start by identifying one problem your clients have mentioned. For example, an image consultant may have clients worried about how to update their wardrobes without spending a lot of money.
2.  Write a short description of the problem.
3.  Add three solutions to the problem. Devote one or two paragraphs to each solution. In our example, the image consultant could write about using accessories to update clothing, adding one or two trendy pieces, and mixing and matching existing pieces in new ways.
4.  End with five tips the reader can follow for a do-it-yourself wardrobe update.
5.  Add your contact information and a free offer.

That's it. Article writing in five easy steps.

Patricia Haddock delivers bottom-line results for organizations and entrepreneurs by delivering training programs, creating strategic inbound content, and developing profitable product and service packages for her clients. Watch for Entrepreneur Academy coming soon.

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