Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why Polishing Your LinkedIn Profile Means Business

When I'm contacted by someone on social media who wants to connect with me, I always check out their LinkedIn profile. In addition to telling me something about their business, their profile tells me something about them as a business person. The more detailed it is, the more time they have spent creating it, the more impact it has. It tells me that this person is serious about their business, understands the importance of social media, and has spent time developing their unique brand--or not!

When was the last time you updated your profile?

As we enter a new year, I encourage you to take some time and review your LinkedIn profile.
  • Does it include your top accomplishments from 2013? 
  • Does it reflect your business today? 
  • Does it give people the information they need about you and your business? 
  • Is it free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors?
  • Is it focused on the type of client you want to impress?
I've been told by LinkedIn marketing specialists that my profile is pretty good, and I regularly work on it. Right now, I have a list of enhancements I want to make. You can check it out here:

For examples of great LinkedIn profiles, check out Christine Hueber, Kristina Jaramillo, and Brynne Tillman.

Action: Review your LinkedIn profile and make one improvement to it. 

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