Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Organize Your Blog for Easier Posting

Many entrepreneurs avoid blogging because it's work. It's hard to come up ideas and harder to write them clearly and compellingly. Nonetheless, blogging is one of the most important activities for long-term success. Your blog raises your visibility and demonstrates your expertise, plus it is the door to your website.

Here are some tools I use to make blogging easier:
  • Create a blogging calendar. This is very important if you have seasonal products or services. For example, a coach might plan to blog about resolutions and intentions in January. A nutritionist could schedule blogs on healthy eating for  Thanksgiving.
  • Create a blog series by taking a large topic and breaking it into small pieces. I have several of these in my blog The Successful Professional by Patricia Haddock.
  • Use recurring features similar to columns in magazines. Check out Kimberly Reyes blog Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design for an example. 
  • Create a post by highlighting key information from your products and services. If you are a fitness instructor and have written an book on motivation and fitness, you could excerpt small sections of it in your blog with a link to the book itself for purchase.
  • Write several posts in one sitting. I post four times a week--M-Th--and I write all four blogs on the weekend and schedule them to appear.
  • Take a old post and refresh it. Add new information and update the content.
Blogging will take time, but if you take the time now to plan your blog, you will save lots of time later.

Action: What will you do to organize your blog to make it easier for you to post more frequently?

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